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Mission Statement
Ocala Concrete Services LLC, is committed to the development of our future through the innovative techniques construction has to offer. We are expanding our horizons to deliver the most diverse products and services of it’s kind. OCS is committed to Green Development and the reuse of recycled products, to deliver a more sound and environmentally safe product. Ocala Concrete services would like the opportunity to offer high quality products with great customer service. OCS can offer you a range of Concrete Mix Designs, Boom Pumping, Line pumping along with compliment services that gives us the unique advantage for our clients to be taken care of under one roof. Please give us a call and start saving time and money!
Services Offered
1. Redi Mix Concrete
2. Volume Metric (Metered Concrete)
3. Boom Pumping
4. Line Pumping.

Ocala Concrete Services is dedicated to help our local businesses expand through mutual fundamental business relationships. We are always finding new and improved methods to work with our clients in helping build a greener environment. Gives us a call about your remodel’s and lets work together to make a perfect fit for you.
As home owners we need to take the initiative to invest on our future, in our homes! The Volatile market the construction industry is in must be and need’s to be taking advantage of through the discounts in labor, material, and equipment. Investing now in your existing home guarantees your investment to double within the next three years! Remember your home is your footprint for now and generations to come.!

Need an estimate or help on your concrete project? Let us have licensed, certified concrete contractor give you a call.
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